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Sybase Powerdesigner 165 Licence Key lealat




This is the download link of the Sybase PowerDesigner 165 Licence Key. To use this software you should have a license key. Get Licence Key without CD. no it doesn't ask for installation key. but if you open the powerdesigner app then it ask for licence key of current sybase power designer. Dealing with licensed SAP PowerDesigner version 165 on OSX Hope someone will find this useful. I just wrote this up to save other. So it doesn't take me long to get licensed. After downloading & installing PowerDesigner 1.5 for the first time. Now when you go to the Preferences->Licence settings. The only licence key the program displays is the 15.5 one. You will have to go to > to download an activation key for a version 16.5 (which is the newer one). Now when you open up the licence manager for PowerDesigner version 16.5. You will see that the installed version is 15.5. A big version difference. I know that you can also get a PowerDesigner 165 licence key for the older one. But not that one. The one I found on the internet when I posted my first comment was a version 15.5 one. Q: How to use variable as key to get value from a key in JSON object I am facing a problem which i am not able to solve. I have a JSON object with a set of objects like this: $json = "{" + " "info": {" + " "address": "abc", " + " "id": "1"" + " }, " + " "works": {" + " "address": "def", " + " "id": "2"" + " }, " + " "group1": {" + " "address": "ghi", " + " "id": "3"" + " } " + "}"; I am using var_dump($json); to dump the JSON Object When i try to get the key, var_dump($json['info']); gives me string




Sybase Powerdesigner 165 Licence Key lealat

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