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The personal trainer for social and emotional skills. 

Rogue helps students build demonstrable behaviors related to personal strengths. No classroom time needed.

Give them the Gift of Practice

No one ever learned grit by talking about it.
Rogue uses everyday challenges to help students learn and practice social and emotional skills in the real world.

Challenges range from strategies, self awareness exercises, or short tasks - all in meaningful contexts!

Personalize their SEL Journey

One size doesn't fit all in academics, so why should it in SEL?

Rogue's Strength Assessment evaluates students' skill level in each strength, and allows them to choose the challenges that they want to take on.

Over time, Rogue recommends personalized pathways for each student, based on their goals, preferences and strengths.

Get Insights about their Growth

Rogue provides teachers with first hand, real-time insights into each student's strengths, needs and growth, so you can have more meaningful conversations and targeted interventions.

"It's the practice piece of SEL. Our SEL Curriculum is the why and what, this is the how!"

High School Teacher | Boulder, Colorado

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